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Verified® Patented Advanced Fault Detection Diagnostic (AFDD) software

Verified® AFDD software uses five patented methods to evaluate economizer outdoor airflow, damper position, temperature split (low airflow and low capacity), heat transfer surfaces (condenser and evaporator coils), expansion devices, airflow, restrictions, non-condensables, enthalpy, cooling capacity, and efficiency for residential and commercial units. 

Verified® software can also be used to diagnose outdoor airflow fractions, actuator voltage, economizer functionality and operation for commercial units. Verified® software provides accurate refrigerant charge recommendations 100% of the time which saves about 15 to 45 minutes compared to any other system.

US Patent US 8,583,384 B2 discloses methods to calculate the energy efficiency improvement for an air conditioning system tune-up and expanded tabular target values for temperature split, relative humidity, enthalpy, and superheat.

US Patent US 9,207,007 B1 discloses methods to diagnose non condensables and restrictions from condenser/evaporator blockage, and refrigerant charge faults. Verified® software quantifies energy efficiency improvement metrics which enable contractors to provide an estimate of energy savings.

US Patent US 7,500,368 B2 discloses a simple yet powerful method to evaluate total cooling system performance by testing temperature split. If the temperature split is within tolerances, then there is no need to hook up refrigerant hoses which will reduce accidentally removing charge or adding non-condensables to the system.

US Patent US 9,797,115 discloses a method to seal the economizer perimeter gap to reduce excess outdoor air ventilation and save 3 to 10% on cooling and heating energy use.

Pending US Patent discloses a method to evaluate economizer outdoor airflow, actuator voltage and damper position to establish correct actuator voltage and proper minimum damper position to reduce unintended excess outdoor airflow, increase cooling and heating capacity and save energy.

These five US patents disclose algorithms for detecting and diagnosing proper airflow, refrigerant system faults and calculating the correct amount of refrigerant charge to be added to or removed from the cooling system for optimal performance.

The Verified® AFDD software has been tested at Intertek an AHRI certification laboratory.  The Verified® AFDD software average fault detection accuracy was 90 +/- 2% based on 736 tests of faults causing low airflow or low capacity.

Verified® VSP Software Cost for PG&E ESA Program.

These costs are the same unit costs contractors currently pay for VSP services performed in the AC Tune-up Programs.

The Verified® unit costs include

  1. All software and database research and development
  2. Technician training and technical support services for participating contractors and their technicians
  3. Technician retraining (if necessary)
  4. Customer support
  5.  Quality control field inspections
  6. Time and materials required for Verified® master HVAC technicians to perform follow-up site visits to diagnose and correct any issues reported by customers.

Verified® secure cloud-based local stand-alone software application.

Verified® secure cloud-based local stand-alone software application. The Verified® local stand-alone software application does not require an internet connection for technicians to enter data and perform work. Verified® provides user-friendly expert-system software to guide technicians through the AC tune-up process to easily and quickly enter data, diagnose problems, make corrections, and verify all required tasks are properly completed. Verified® RCA job data is uploaded to the secure-cloud internet server automatically to track and quality control check field data. Data for each Verified® RCA job are archived on the secure-cloud internet server database. Ride-along training and supplemental QC training of jobs are performed for QA and QC.

Secure-Cloud Software

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The Verified® software and procedures include the following steps: 

1) Secure-cloud database to retrieve records retrieve records from customer databases to the Verified® secure-cloud server for contractors to access using Verified® internet software,

2)    Contractor scheduler Verified® secure-cloud internet software is used to schedule jobs and send data to technicians and add appointment times, notes, or other information,

3)    Verified® local stand-alone software application used by technicians to enter data, diagnose faults, and QC job data in real-time,

4)    Data processing using Verified® secure-cloud internet software to process technician job data for invoice submittals to customers,

5)    Verified® secure-cloud internet software to send job data to contractors for payroll.


All diagnostic data pertaining to central air conditioners as specified in Sections 4 and 32 of the IS Manual will be collected, evaluated, and verified by Verified® Inc., a Verification Service Provider (VSP). Verified® will meet the specific program diagnostic data requirements using its patented advanced fault detection diagnostic (AFDD) software.