Verified® economizer repair is like riding a perfect wave. Our NATE-certified technicians use our patented Advanced Fault Detection Diagnostic (AFDD) economizer software and hardware to provide optimal outdoor airflow for indoor air quality and energy efficiency to save 9 to 27% on cooling and heating.

Approximately 63 to 82% of economizers have significant issues causing improper operation, excessive outdoor airflow and failed sensors, controllers, and actuators. The patented Verified® AFDD software diagnoses these faults and provides expert recommendations for repair.  Verified® also offers patented methods to diagnose excess economizer outdoor airflow and establish proper minimum economizer damper position to optimize indoor air quality and economizer performance. 

Verified® master technicians install GreenFan® eFAN® controllers that work with existing economizer controllers to save 9 to 25% on cooling and 11 to 27% on heating.  Verified® technicians can also replace an existing economizer controller with the eFAN+™ economizer controller which saves 14 to 30% on cooling and 11 to 27% on heating.  During installation Verified® technicians use patented methods to seal the economizer perimeter gap with eFAN™ tape (shown below) to save an additional 3 to 10% on space cooling and heating (U.S. Patent 9671125).

eFAN Installed best image Crop 2.jpg

eFAN® Economizer Fan Controller

AFDD supply fan control saves energy, improves thermal comfort and energy efficiency and saves 9 to 27% on cooling and heating energy use 

eFan+ Installed 3.jpg

eFAN+™ Advanced Economizer Controller

Provides Advanced Fault Detection Diagnostics and saves 14 to 30% on cooling and heating energy use

Extra Sheet of Metal IMG_20180228_142752_cut3.jpg

Patented Economizer Perimeter Gap Seal

Reduces unintended outdoor airflow to save 3 to 10% on cooling and heating energy use