Training Technicians to Reach the Summit

Verified® patented AFDD software is the most advanced and most accurate VSP software available on the market with more than 330,000 tune-ups

California Public Utilities Commission Resolution E-4795 approved higher energy savings for the patented Verified® AFDD AC tune-up software. compared to all other methods

Technicians rely on our software for accurate recommendations and our master HVAC technicians who provide friendly expert field training and telephone support. Contractors and customers prefer our 100% satisfaction guarantee and response time to correct problems if they occur (which is extremely rare).

Verified® master technicians will train participating contractor’s technicians on the proper use of the Verified® software system and proper calibration of measurement equipment. As well as field training for air filter replacement, condenser coil cleaning, and the Efficient Fan Controller®.

“PG&E Low Income contractors unanimously prefer using the Verified® software even though they can use any VSP service. Contractors trust the integrity, simplicity, and elegance of our local stand-alone software application that provides advanced fault detection diagnostics, time savings, and secure-cloud scheduling, invoicing and tracking database services...Contractors using Verified® software provide the highest energy savings available to PG&E Low Income customers.”
— PG&E Low Income Contractors

Upon request, Verified® master technicians can also provide field training for other energy efficiency measures.

Verified® shall provide four (4) days of classroom and field training to participating contractors at no cost on days mutually agreed to between contractors and Verified®. If participating contractor(s) or technician(s) cancel or fail to attend a scheduled training day(s), then such scheduled training day(s) shall count towards the four (4) days of training provided at no cost. Participating contractors shall pay Verified® $1,000.00 per day for any training beyond the four (4) days at no cost. Contractors generally have all their technicians trained within the free 4-day training period. Contractor shall, prior to the training by Verified®, ensure that its technicians are properly trained and equipped to use the Verified® RCA verification system and that technicians use accurate and properly calibrated measurement equipment to perform refrigerant charge, airflow and coil cleaning diagnostic tune-up services as per the requirements specified in the Verified® Training Manual. Participating contractors shall supply their technicians with accurate and properly calibrated equipment to measure refrigerant temperature split, superheat and subcooling per program requirements.

Verified® master HVAC technicians train all technicians on how to properly perform the following quality maintenance services:

  1. Clean condenser coil and install new air filters prior to RCA
  2. Check expansion valve or TXV sensing bulb attachment, position and insulate
  3. Attach/detach refrigerant hoses to avoid loss of charge and/or contamination
  4. Attach refrigerant tube and air temperature sensors for correct position and insulation
  5. Diagnose data including how long to wait for pre/post measurements
  6. Perform procedures to check and evaluate temperature split for proper airflow or low cooling capacity. Verified® software provides the following patented recommendations
  • If temperature split is within tolerances, then no charge adjustments are required.
  • If temperature split is high (very cold air at low velocity), then check iced/blocked evaporator coil, dirty filters, crushed duct, faulty blower fan.
  • If temperature split is low (warm or slightly cool air), then check condenser fan/coil blockage, refrigerant charge restrictions, non-condensables, compressor valve issue.

Otherwise if no other faults are present and temperature split indicates low cooling capacity, then the Verified® software provides accurate recommendations regarding exactly how much refrigerant charge to add or remove from the system to optimize refrigerant charge and energy efficiency in one easy step. Verified® software eliminates guesswork, saves technicians 15 to 75 minutes per job, and prevents unnecessary small charge adjustments which do not save energy and most importantly cost valuable program funds.